Manufacturing and Assembly

Soldering Iron: Weller WES51
Non other than the venerable Weller WES51. Quick heat up time to the adjustable temperature, quality tips, and lightweight pen perfect for medium to light duty work. With the right tip I can still do some touch-up work with 0402 components. My favorite all-purpose tip is the knife-blade (ETKN).

Reflow Oven: Custom home made
I converted a Cuisinart convection oven for use as a reflow oven. I used a Zallus re-flow oven controller through Kickstarter. I will have have a post about this build with more details.

Vacuum Pick-Up Tool: VIrtual Industries V8100A
This tool was well worth the investment. Placing 0402s with tweezers is near impossible, and with over 200 surface mount parts, there is no other way while maintaining ones sanity . Rather than pay $50 for the foot switch, I just wired in a contact switch to a 3.5mm headphone plug.