About Me

linkedinMy name is Slawek and I currently reside in the Chicago suburbs. I am an engineering technologist, maker, hacker, hobbyist, and technology aficionado. My passion lies in embedded system design in its various stages, of which I have various degrees of direct experience with:

  • product definition, (requirements gathering)
  • system level design with early focus on DFM and DFT (plus additional restraints if required ie. budgets, derating, EMI, regulatory agency requirements)
  • schematic capture,
  • PCB layout (+prototyping),
  • mechanical design & integration (+prototyping),
  • board bring-up, troubleshooting, and qualification
  • driver development, user interfaces, and debugging
  • production documentation
  • PLM, QMS, and change management
  • technical support

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Reasons for this Blog

Finally, it’s 2016 and after contemplating for many years, I have chosen to start a blog/personal website because I recognized that it is a great way to help me stay current in the technology field. Observing others share their work motivates me to do likewise. I also recognized that my ideas and projects are better worth shared with the world than tucked away in a project folder on my desk. By doing so I hope to inspire others and likewise gain more knowledge from others! Unashamedly, a secondary goal of my blog is to be recognized by potential employers or partners who may see me fit for their team and/or dream! I have a natural entrepreneurial spirit and would like to hear about your ideas too. (Please contact me here.)

Other experience and interests

My current and previous job positions have all contributed to expanding my knowledge beyond purely electronics.  Those include technical sales, technical support, system/network/database integration and administration, Linux administration and shell scripting, web application design, CAD/CAM, CNC machining, electrical installations, and automotive diagnostics and repair.

My personal interests and hobbies have also have contributed in refining my skill set. My hobbies outside of electronics include tuning automobiles (classic muscle cars and modern diesels), motorcycling (on and off-road), single track bicycle riding, skiing, camping, motor boating, self sustainability, and target shooting.